Each week we provide an overview of the most popular PC games at Lava Esports. This time we look at the world-renowned first-person shooter – PUBG!

The game’s global popularity and ease of access means that PUBG is enjoyed by 350 million gamers worldwide and is one of the most viewed games on Twitch and YouTube.

Well, let’s have a look at what makes PUBG one of our arcade’s most popular PC games.

An image of a gamer playing PUBG at Lava Esports PC gaming arcade

PUBG is based on the concept of a battle royale or last-man-standing. Gamers must defeat all other competitors in order to become the last person in the game and earn their ‘winner, winner chicken dinner’ title. As with other battle royale first person shooters, PUBG requires excellent strategic planning to be successful.

The game can be played as an individual, duo or team of four. We would recommend playing within a team at Lava. Firstly, because it is much more fun to work with friends to win. Secondly, it is a lot easier if you have friends to support you and help you when you’re in trouble or injured. To win as an individual against 99 other competitors, who may be playing in teams, is extremely difficult – but worth a try.

One of the advantages of playing PUBG at Lava Esports is that you are able to chat with your team through our pro-gamer headsets. This really does make you feel like you are all in the game together!

At the beginning you find yourself in a lobby with other competitors as gamers are added to the game. You cannot inflict any damage on others at this point, but it’s a fun way to find your teammates and ‘introduce’ yourself to your competitors. This takes around a minute or so, until…

…the next screen where you find yourself in a plane with the 99 other players. You (or your team) must decide on the right time to parachute onto the island. This is very important as it could be the difference of landing in an area with a lot of weapons or not. Be aware that landing in areas containing high levels of weapons also increases the chances of meeting competitors.

Wherever you land it is vital that you look for weapons, protection and medication as soon as possible. These can be found in almost all buildings. The sooner you have these, the sooner you can defeat competitors, protect and heal yourself.

Keep an eye on the map as it tells you where your teammates are and can also show you where competitors are shooting from.

What’s that!? A health hampering blue bubble is coming!? Yes! Towards the end of the game a mysterious blue bubble appears and gradually gets smaller in size. This forces the remaining competitors to meet in the centre of the bubble. Make sure you’re not outside this bubble as it damages your health.

If you can avoid injury, defeat competitors, support your team, avoid the blue bubble and think strategically then you have a very good chance of being the last-person-standing and a ‘winner, winner chicken dinner!’.

To begin your adventure on PUBG at Lava Esports Sheffield, please buy your game time here. Then collect your login details from the front desk if you’re a guest. If you’re a member you can log straight onto a PC. If you don’t have a bank account, make sure you ask the permission of a responsible adult for them to pay on your behalf.

Once at your PC search for PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) in the games library and start your adventure!

PUBG is a PEGI 16 game which means it is suitable for gamers 16 and over. Please don’t forget to bring a form of identification such as a passport or driver’s licence to prove you meet the age rating. Don’t be offended if we ask you as it is always better to look younger than older.

We look forward to seeing you next time at our PC gaming arcade here on Rockingham Street, Sheffield.