Simple sign-in with the NHS Covid-19 app We are happy to announce we have a new and easier way to collect your contact details for the NHS Test and Trace system. As required by law, we have to monitor who has been at Lava and when so the NHS can understand where you have been [...]

Coronavirus Update

Image of Lava esports gaming centre's coronavirus update

Dear all, We'd like to update you on the current situation surrounding Coronavirus and the Government's guidelines for the hospitality sector reopening in early July. The Government are set to release their guidance on how the hospitality sector should keep people safe from Coronavirus on the 4th of July. We at Lava will then read [...]

League of Legends Tournament

Lava eSports Centre, Sheffield is pleased to announce that we will be holding a League of Legends tournament starting on the 9th of March. What's more is that we’ve put together tempting prizes of up to £500 for the winners. 1st place £300 cash + £200 worth of Lava gaming vouchers2nd place £150 cash + [...]

The Adventure Begins Today!

Today is the day that the adventure begins at Lava! Yes, we are opening our doors to a new era of high-quality gaming in Sheffield and we are inviting you and your friends to join us! For the first day of opening we are holding a range of giveaways and prizes for you first gamers [...]

The Hottest Games

Lava is equipped with the hottest MOBA and FPS games including; PUGB, Fortnite, CS GO, League of Legends and many more. Keep an eye out for further updates on our opening. n.b Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), First-person shooter (FPS)

Lava Interior

The building work creating the interior at Lava has been completed. It's now time to fit out the gaming kit with our PCs and servers. Our official launch date information will be provided soon. Soon our centre will be ready to hold games playing a range of the world's hottest games! Keep your eyes peeled [...]