In this section we provide you with the most frequently asked questions recieved via email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We hope you find your answer below. If you can’t find an answer that helps you out, then please email us at support@lavaesports.co.uk.

Image displaying frequently asked questions at Lava Esports.
  1. How much does it cost to play at Lava?

The cost per hour is set at just £4.50 for one hour gaming sessions, click here to purchase your one hour session. You can play for less by selecting the three hour option for just £12. For the three hour option, click here.

2. How much cheaper is it to buy a membership option?

Buying a membership option saves you a great deal of money if you are planning on playing in the gaming centre for long periods of time. The Silver membership will save you 27%, the Gold saves 37% and the best of all, the Platinum will save a whopping 45% (based on 1 hour sessions).

Memberships also work on a time based automatic system. With each membership your gaming time credit runs down until you have used up all of your game time.

The time given to each membership is as follows; Silver = 15 hours, Gold = 35 hours, Platinum = 80 hours.

3. Do you currently have any special deals?

Yes, for all new gamers who sign up to our newsletter we will give you one FREE hour to play on our professional gaming PCs and on all your favourite games. Why not tell your friends about this and come and game with us here in Sheffield!?

4. Which tournaments do you provide and when?

Lava Esports provides the gamers of Sheffield with some of the hottest tournaments on the best tech around. When safe to do so again, we will normally have one large gaming tournament per month with some smaller weekly events.

Why not be the first to know when we have a new tournament to sign up to by checking out our tournament page, social media pages or signing up to our newsletter.

5. How do I sign up to tournaments?

When gaming tournaments are announced, there will be a link to sign up your team, add details and make a payment to join the tournament.

The tournaments are played online (or in the gaming centre) during the first stages and then in the Lava Esports gaming centre from the quarter-finals onwards. With this in mind, you would be required to be in the Sheffield area on the weekend of the finals.

6. Are there any jobs currently available?

There are no jobs currently available. However, we always accept CVs should you be interested in working for us. Should we find we need to hire extra staff then we will contact you. Please feel free to email in your CVs to support@lavaesports.co.uk

We will also put job advertisements out on the website and social media, so please keep checking these outlets.

7. Am I able to privately hire part of the gaming centre?

During ‘normal’ times, yes. However, during the pandemic we are required to reduce the capacity of the gaming centre here in Sheffield. Therefore, we are operating at a capacity of 18 PCs rather than 38.

For this reason we will not be providing this option yet. This is because we need as much capacity open to the general public as possible.

When we do move into safer times and we are able to operate all 38 gaming PCs, we will provide this option again. There will be an option on our website to book group time.

Private gaming time will be hired out in the areas of; the ground level private room, first floor mezzanine and the tournament area.

8. What are your opening times?

We are open every day from 2 pm until midnight.

9. Where are you located?

Lava Esports is based at the bottom of the hill on Rockingham Street. This is just off West Street in the city centre.

Check out our gaming centre out on Google Maps here in Sheffield.

Our full address is; Lava Esports Sheffield, Rockingham Street, Sheffield, S1 4LZ.

10. Is there any parking nearby?

There are a number of car parks close to Lava Esports Sheffield

  1. Bailey Lane Car Park – Bailey Lane
  2. Q-Park Rockingham – Holland Street
  3. University of Sheffield – Newcastle Street

11. How can I get there on Public Transport?

Lava Esports is fantastically well served by Public Transport in Sheffield. We are located close to the Supertram network and major bus lines on West Street.

Supertram – The West Street tram stops are served by the blue and yellow lines from Malin Bridge to Halfway and Middlewood to Meadowhall respectively – each line runs approximately every 12 minutes in each direction – A 5 minute walk to/from Lava Esports.

Bus – The West Street bus stops are served by numerous services. Bus stops are between 3 and 4 minutes walk away from Lava Esports.

Plan your journey – Follow this link from Google Maps and enter in your location to find out how quickly you can get to our gaming centre here at Lava.

Please abide by all public transport carriers’ codes of conduct and Coronavirus guidelines.

12. What food and drink is currently available?

We have a range of ready made meals, snacks, crisps and chocolate bars available.

We also have cold, fizzy and hot drinks available to gamers.

13. Do you serve alcohol?

No, we do not currently serve alcohol at Lava.

14. Are children allowed into the gaming centre?

Yes, as a family orientated community we encourge gamers of all ages to come and enjoy the games at our Esports centre.

However, all children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

15. How do you stop children playing on games that are above their age range?

The operating system at Lava Esports enables the centre operator to restrict a gamer’s access to games should they not meet the age requirement to play the game.

We will also ask older gamers to game away from younger gamers in order to prevent younger gamers seeing content on older gamers’ screens.

Our aim is to provide an enjoyable and safe gaming environment for all gamers to play in.

16. What games do you currently have in your library?

We currently have a wide variety of games in our library. These are some of the most popular games on the UK market such as; Call of Duty, Fortnite, FIFA, League of Legends and many more.

Find the link to the full library of games here.

17. What are your Coronavirus guidelines?

Our full Coronavirus guidelines can be found here. We have set these up in order to keep all of our gamers, staff and wider community safe and well. By adhering to these regulations you can be sure to enjoy your gaming in safety.

Here are a few key points to remember before coming to play at Lava Esports;

  1. Download the official NHS Track and Trace app on your mobile so you can scan the QR code on entry. This is to ensure your location has been tracked without having to write your personal details down at Lava. Should you or someone else in the centre contract Coronavirus, you and others can be quickly notified.
  2. Please bring and wear a mask to the gaming centre. The mask must be worn at all times whilst at Lava Esports centre. Exemptions include; 1) Children under the age of 11. 2) Those who cannot wear one due to a physical or mental illness or impairment or disability – for further information, please check the government’s link on exemptions.
  3. Please sit and remain in your seat at all times, unless you are using the toilet or leaving.

18. Do you have dedicated gaming groups to join at Lava?

We are currently in the process of setting these up. When they are ready we will create groups on Discord so gamers can discuss their favourite game as well as organise events and tournaments between themselves to play at Lava Esports centre.

There may be more news on this coming soon, so please sign up to our newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest news.

19. Can I buy game time online?

Yes, you can buy all the game time you require online. Click here for our online prices.

If you buy a one or three hour session with us online you can quickly collect your login print out at the front desk one hour after your have made the payment.

If you buy a membership, then you can access your membership login details via the automatic email we send to you.

Our gamers find this is a much simpler and quicker way to get gaming.

20. In what way do you support the local community?

We offer a wide range of projects for Sheffield Hallam’s Venture Matrix project. This focusses on students completing workplace based projects to help enhance the operations of local businesses.

We have been working with Sheffield Hallam and the Venture Matrix project since 2019 and have helped provide projects in; marketing, event management, social media, design and public relations.

We have worked with students closely and helped to develop their core skills in the above areas.