League of Legends Tournament Rules

Player Eligibility

  • All fixtures must be fulfilled on the EU West server.
  • All accounts used by contestants must be created on the EU West server.
  • All team members must be made up of the five named players included with the team when it was registered.
  • Should a team require, they may nominate one substitute player to take the place of a member who is unable to attend a fixture. Lava must be notified of this change before any fixture.
  • All contestants entering the tournament must be over the age of 18.
  • Players will be banned from the Lava League of Legends tournament should the player’s account be banned for any reason. They will not be permitted to take part in the tournament through the entirety of the ban.
  • Contestants must have created their own League of Legends account which includes decent champions and must be used throughout the duration of the tournament.
  • All team captains must obtain a pass code from the tournament organisers and register their team in the Battlefy tournament management system.
  • Players should be free to attend online games between 8-10 pm each evening. Full fixtures will be announced after the signup deadline date.

Group stage

  • The initial phase of the tournament consists of a group stage within a round-robin context.
  • There will be four separate groups.
  • Each team will play each other team in their group once.
  • Group fixtures and standings will be released after the sign-up deadline.
  • Each group fixture must consist of a best of one battle between teams.
  • Two points will be awarded to the winning team.
  • Zero points will be allocated to the losing team.
  • The two teams which accumulate the most points in each group once all group matches are complete will progress to the knockout stages.
  • To identify a successor to the knockout stage where two teams are level on points there will be two solutions. 1. The team with fewest battles lost will progress. 2. If these are equal then an extra game shall take place to decide a winner.
  • Both team captains must enter the final score of each of their matches on Battlefy.

Knockout Stage         

League of Legends Double-Elimination Knockout Series
  • The knockout stage of the tournament will consist of eight teams. It will be in the style of a double elimination tournament.
  • Winners will continue to the next stage of the knockout tournament, whilst the losers will be placed in the losers’ bracket.
  • Knockout fixtures will be displayed on our website and Battlefy page.
  • All matches in the knockout stages will consist of a best of three contest.
  • Both team captains must enter the final score of each of their matches on Battlefy.

Game Format Brief

  • The Lava League of Legends tournament is a 5v5 Tournament Draft
  • Map: Summoners Rift
  • Teams are granted a 10-minute time out for reasons of technical issues only. Opponents must be informed of the time-out immediately and confirmation of the technical issue. (please see below for further detail).

Core Rules via Battlefy Tournament Management System

            (Registration link: https://battlefy.com/lava-esports/lava-hungrypanda-league-of-legends-5v5/5f85d228cd114c6066c3a476/info)

  1. All matches will be played using the tournament code that Battlefy provides. To get the code, navigate to the bracket and then click on the match that you’re supposed to play. Then copy the code and paste it into the League of Legends game client by clicking play, then selecting custom game, then selecting the trophy icon.
  2. Team members may be invited to the room as well.
  3. Every team will be given the opportunity to show up to their match, we require that you be online at least 30 minutes prior to your match in order to check-in. If you are not online and checked in at that time, we will forfeit your team.
  4. Teams will have only 10 minutes to join the game room once it has been created. If a team doesn’t complete 5 players in this time, the team will be disqualified. If your opponent doesn’t show up or doesn’t start the match in under these 10 minutes, please contact tournament admins by clicking the Report Match Issue button.
  5. If a team suffers a disconnection, the player will be given 10 minutes to reconnect to the game (the team with the disconnection can request for a pause). If they have not reconnected in that time, the team will have to continue playing without that player.
  6. The teams can have 1 substitute. Players will only be considered team members if they are part of the team on Battlefy before the tournament starts. Once the tournament starts, Battlefy will not update changes in teams. Players can only play in one team per tournament.
  7. Teams are allowed to do a Place Holder if it was talked through before going to champion select. If the champion select needs to be restarted due to a bug, the same champions and bans must be kept. Matches can be restarted only if there’s a bug or if the server is unstable, the players must pause the game and contact tournament admins by clicking the Report Match Issue button, then wait for an answer on how to proceed.



Each team has the right to pause the game for a short duration, players must immediately state a reason after pausing the game. The game must not be resumed before both teams agree they are ready in chat. The absolute longest a game can be paused is 10 minutes, at which point the game must be resumed, except at the discretion of the Tournament Officials


Rehost rules are specified below, including the conditions in which they will be allowed:

  1. Any issue before the game starts (game, software or hardware related)
  2. Player can’t move (unless it’s done on purpose) – rehost in the first 30 seconds of the game, if no players have taken damage
  3. Game mechanic not working as intended (shooting, reloading, abilities, etc) – rehost up to the first 30 seconds of the game, no damage taken by anyone
  4. Disconnect/hardware problem/software problem – rehost in the first 30 seconds of the game
  5. Each team can receive up to 1 rehost per map maximum.
  6. If a match is interrupted then it should be continued where it left off, by re-host. If a round is to be replayed due to a rehost, players must choose the same heroes, same map, and same sides.

Failure to Attend         

Penalty: Game Loss

Teams must be ready to play at the scheduled times on the fixtures.

Use of Bugs and Glitches                 

Penalty: Game Loss

Using a game mechanic that is classed as a bug or glitch will lead to instant game loss to the team that uses it.

Unlisted Penalties

If an admin or player believes a rule has been broken and there is no assigned penalty for it, they must contact the representative as soon as possible with details and evidence. The representative will judge the case and assign a penalty if required.

All the players must respect The Summoner’s Code and the League of Legends terms of use, any behavior against this rule will be penalized.

Terms of Use: http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/legal/termsofuse

The Summoner’s Code: http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/summone…

If it is apparent that any manipulations of in-game software is occurring, that team will be banned permanently from any future LAVA events, and any/all information we have regarding this will be forwarded to Riot Games. Battlefy will also be notified for future events. If a team is caught abusing glitches, bugs, etc., to gain an advantage, they will be auto-disqualified.

Tournament admin decisions are final regarding disputes