Lava eSports, Sheffield offers great value pricing for both members and non-members. Take a look at our pricing plans below to find an option which best suits you.

A Lava membership offers you fantastic discounts on non-member prices. Play some of the planet’s most popular titles on the highest spec PCs for less

For details about membership please contact the front desk or visit our contact page

Guest Prices

Guest Price (per hour)
Private/Battle Zone £5 (currently unavailable)
Public Zone £4.50 (all available areas)


CreditBonus CreditTotal Credit
Silver £5020% £60
Gold £10030% £130

Membership options give dedicated gamers extra long game time. You will receive free bonus credit which increases the higher the membership you purchases. Credits are based on hourly gaming, each hour you use up either £4.50 (Public Zone) or £5.00 (Private Zone) of your available credit.