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Lava eSports Privacy Policy

Last amended; 11/05/21

This privacy policy outlines how Lava handles and protect user’s data which is provided whilst using our services. We treat user’s data with the highest regard. You can be assured that data which is provided via our website and eSports centre will be treated with the strictest of privacy and in accordance with the following policy.

Lava may amend the policy at certain times so please check back regularly to ensure you consent with the policy.

Forms of data collected

Lava may ask for the following forms of data;

  1. For users using the equipment – ensuring who to contact should equipment become damaged; name, address, email, phone number
  2. For users playing age restricted games – as above plus the user’s date of birth.
  3. For those wishing to sign up for a membership; name, address, email, phone number, date of birth.
  4. For those wishing to submit gaming videos for free game time; name, email address, social media pages.
  5. For those signing up to online newsletters; name, email address
  6. For online payment; first name, last name, address, email address and phone number

What purpose is your information used for?

The information you provide enables us to offer a better choice of games for our users based on games played, a safer environment to play in for younger gamers and to understand the cause of any damage which may arise.

It is also used to provide gamers with newsletters, a means to contact successful gamers for their prizes and to help promote any of their gaming social media or video sharing channels.

For online payment, our financial provider requires us to use name and address details. We also require the email and phone number to be able to help you create an account at Lava.

Data Security

We are committed to the protection of the above data by using the strongest forms of security available. We do this by operating computerised, physical and company codes of practice to secure our user’s data. All data security is guided by the policies of GDPR.

All card transactions are carried out through secure, encrypted transactions. Our partner, Stripe, handles all encrypted financial transactions. Neither Lava Esports, nor Stripe are able to view this encrypted data. To view Stripe’s terms and conditions click here and for their privacy policy, click here. Lava Esports is not responsible for content on their website.

How you can control your data?

You may also ask for complete removal of all of your customer information.

At no point will we sell your information to third parties without prior permission.

Under the Data Protection Act of 2018 and GDPR you are permitted to see the entire set of data we hold relating to you. For a hard copy please write to our postal address. If you believe for any reason that any information we hold about you is incomplete or incorrect, please notify us by email or post at our address. We will not hesitate to remediate the identified error.

How long do we hold your Information for?

We hold client data for a maximum of one year after your last visit or membership expiry or before this length should the user wish. You may wish for us to remove all your data before this. If so, we are happy to do this.

How we destroy your information

Upon request or at the end of the membership period Lava will delete all records from our electronic databases and destroy all physical information ensuring personal data is no longer legible.

Links to independent websites

Our website may contain links to other websites, independent of Lava, which may be deemed of use to you. Once you have transferred to the independent website Lava therefore ceases responsibility for any information you may provide. Please read the privacy statements of the website in question before committing your data.


1) What data do we collect? We collect your email address for your subscription to our newsletters. This is required to send out your newsletter on a monthly basis. We also collect your first and last name.

2) Why do we need your email address and first and last name? We require your email address to send your monthly newsletter and to also identify each subscriber. We require your names in order to address you.

3) What information do we send in our newsletters? Our newsletters provide readers with information on; the latest news from Lava, news about tournaments, offers and competitions.

4) What services do we offer? Lava Esports is a PC gaming centre allowing gamers to enjoy top of the range gaming equipment whilst playing the most popular and latest games. We also offer both online and in centre gaming tournaments to create fun and fair competition for gamers to compete in.

5) Method of delivery. Newsletters are delivered once a month to those who are subscribed to our mailing list. We also provide a newsletter upon subscribing in order to welcome the customer and provide the latest news, competitions, tournaments and offers.

6) Email Subscription Management Company. We use the services provided by Mail Chimp to manage and store your data. We are able to remove your information from this system at your request. This management system allows us to see when you joined us, that you opted in to consent to receive emails, what information you were provided with when you signed up, it enables us to create email designs and allows us to send newsletters out to you. For more information on their privacy policy please click here. Lava is not responsible for content on Mail Chimp’s website

7) How we capture your data. Subscribers can currently subscribe by signing up to our newsletter subscription form which requires your; email address, first name, last name and consent to sign up. These are located on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

8) How data is stored. Data is stored and managed on our email subscription management platform, Mail Chimp. Your data is kept securely and protected under a password. Your information is only seen by Lava Esports. It is kept until you express your desire to ask for it to be deleted from the system. Mail Chimp’s privacy policy can be accessed here.

9) Withdrawal of consent. You may withdraw your consent to subscribe to and receive newsletters at any point. You can either do this automatically by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each newsletter. Or you may email us directly to withdraw your consent. Please include the email you use to subscribe. We will remove it manually at the earliest opportunity and send you a confirmation email.

10) Opt-in Process. Our privacy policy complies with the GDPR privacy regulations and therefore we require you to check the checkbox which confirms you have read this privacy policy and you consent to receiving our newsletters and placed on to our subscriber list. Only when you check our opt-in box will you be added to our email newsletter subscriber list.

11) About our company and our services. Lava Esports is a PC gaming centre allowing gamers to enjoy top of the range gaming equipment whilst playing the most popular and latest games. We also offer both online and in centre gaming tournaments to create fun and fair competition for gamers to compete in. Throughout the pandemic we are creating online tournaments for gamers to take part in to alleviate boredom.

12) At no point will your personal data be sold or shared with any third party not named in this privacy policy.


From time to time we may use photography in the gaming centre for marketing purposes. If you do not wish to be included in this photography, please email us and notify a member of staff upon your arrival. Under 18s are not photographed.


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