Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions govern the use of Lava’s facilities and equipment by the users. By making payment to use the facilities and equipment you hereby agree to the terms and conditions as outlined below.

Last updated 05/11/19

General Rights of use

  1. Anyone causing any sort of damage to Lava’s equipment or property or any of our customer’s property shall be deemed liable for the immediate repair, reimbursement or replacement of the item in question.
  2. Lava holds the right to restrict or suspend any user’s account who are found to be accessing content where the customer is below the age restriction of a game.
  3. Lava reserves the right to remove anyone from the premises who displays any kind of anti-social behaviour. Anti-social behaviour includes (but not limited to); misuse or damage to equipment or property, abuse of staff or other members, foul language or the use of drugs or alcohol within the premises.
  4. Lava may refuse access, without reimbursement, if a customer has been found to create disorder which may endanger the safety of staff, other users and equipment.
  5. At times, some areas may be restricted for the use of age restricted gaming. This is in order to avoid exposure of age-restricted content to younger users.

On arriving at Lava you agree to;

  1. Inform a member of staff to any medical condition you may have such as allergies, epilepsy or any other condition.
  2. Not play any title for which you are under-age and do not have a parental consent form for.
  3. Not to show any age restricted content to anyone under-age and does not have a parental consent form.
  4. Report any inappropriate usage or damage caused by yourself or others (accidentally or purposefully) to a member of staff as soon as possible.
  5. Not to access any prohibited (non-user) technical settings on the machines. These settings include (but not limited to); downloads/uploads, operating settings, browser settings.

Upon Arrival (Making a booking)

  1. You must state the number of players accompanying your booking, the duration of your session (hours).
  2. Should there be space(s) available a user will be provided a cost per hour per player.
  3. Cost per hour may change dependent on the customer’s guest or membership level.
  4. Users should provide the following information; name, address, email, phone number during their first visit. This is to ensure if equipment has been damaged during a time slot the user can be contacted.
  5. For those wishing to access age restricted content, proof of age will be required. This can be in the form of; passport, driver’s licence or local authority ID.
  6. Users under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  7. Payment must be paid before embarking on accessing gaming. Payment shall be in the form of cash or card.

Personal information

  1. Your personal information is required to identify which user is accessing which piece of equipment at a particular time in order to identify who may be responsible for damage.
  2. Personal information is also required to restrict under age usage of age restricted content.
  3. Under no circumstances will Lava share this data with third parties.
  4. Lava complies with the regulations set out in both the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). More can be found in the privacy policy.


  1. Membership shall be paid for at the main cashier counter. Personal information such as; name, address, email, phone and date of birth shall be provided.
  2. Membership will cease as of when the customer’s membership credit has been exhausted.
  3. A fee of £5 shall be paid if the membership card is lost and is to be replaced. A copy of ID would be required when replacing the new membership card.
  4. Members shall not provide membership cards for use for other members and non-members. In this instance, the card shall be confiscated without reimbursement.


  1. It is at the discretion of Lava to amend these terms and condition at any particular moment. However, any such amendment shall be posted on this website under the terms and conditions page with the date amended visible.
  2. There is no guarantee a user shall be able to access gaming content at their desired time and date should Lava be at full capacity without prior booking. Lava shall not be liable for a user’s loss of earnings or profit should this situation occur.
  3. Lava holds no responsibility for any of the content provided on external links found on this website. It shall also not be responsible for any loss of earnings or damage to any device should any harm derive from these links.
  4. Lava is not responsible for the loss of earnings or damage to devices should your device be inflicted by a virus or any other form of technological attack whilst using the facilities at Lava.
  5. These terms are to be interpreted as English law.